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Mama Rus View Through to Beach
Queen Size Bedroom Studio
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Mama Ru’s is Improving!

There is a lot to do when you take over a new property. If we keep saying that we love this place, it is only because it is true, and that made us very protective, which came out in two ways.

One is that we love the solitude and the feeling of peace. It would be possible to build more bungalows, and that would certainly make the rental side more lucrative, but we would be throwing away something special. Instead we decided to improve the privacy. To do that we added a privacy screen between the two bungalows, along with some foliage and various trees such as avocado, banana, coconut, starfruit, passion fruit, lime, lemon, we even have hot chili pepper plants for those with a more courageous palette.
It was also important to us to protect the environment itself, and we found many ways to implement green methods for improving the land.

For example, some of the sand had begun to erode, a common beachfront issue. In addition, a common island issue is that there is no good way to dispose of the tires. Well, actually there is one good way to dispose of the tires, and that is giving them new use as beach erosion control; of course buried.

We tried to recycle everything possible. We used recycled concrete slabs to provide a solid base to the bungalow steps, making something that would be a nuisance useful. The island has a regular recycling program too, for plastic, glass, and metal, and we made sure everything we used went there. We even recycled grass. Some neighbors were landscaping, and removing the grass, and we transplanted it to our property where it will also help with soil erosion. In our own landscaping we made sure that we only used plants that would survive in sand environments, and fit in with the ecosystem. The bungalows are only fifteen feet from the water, and as soon as you step into the water there are coral heads all around, with all of the life that surrounds them, so thinking about what you introduce to the area and potential runoff is very important.

We ask that you join us in protecting the environment by recycling, wearing marine-safe sunscreen, and respecting the protected areas, marked Ra’ui. Together we can protect this paradise for generations to come.

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